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A few words on who we are

Devotion to detail – this maxim describes our approach to both valeting and relations with our customers.

Our drive to perform our work with heart and precision stems from valeting being our hobby, going way back to mid 2000’s, to our first cars ever bought. Dusting indicator stalk base with precision brush and plastic cleaner was some of our less rigorous routines.

Since then, our eccentric form of OCD only got worse.
Or rather – better.

Our services revolve around providing our customers with unparallelled quality of work and service – those two pillars define who we are and what sets us apart.

Don’t take our word for it – take our customers’ or find out for yourself.

[…] finish both internally and externally was as good as when I picked it up from the dealers on day one. […] No matter what vehicle you have you will not do better that this company and I’ve dealt with lots in my time.

Jared, Accomodation Manager

Wife finally agreed to drive my van after Bart was done with it – it was indeed spotless. Highly recommended

Robert, Business owner
[…] had my Ford Mondeo valeted recently and I have to say the quality of work is excellent. My children will have a hard time getting the car back to the previous state. Thanks!

Tomas, Business owner